Your Career 2.0 isn't just in your imagination.

I emphasize holding my clients accountable to their goals, helping them stay focused on reaching their potential and becoming the best version of themselves so they can achieve the Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity goals they desire for themselves and their families.

Think about you.

My approach to career ownership coaching begins with self-discovery, empowering you to identify and develop those drivers within you. We’ll talk about these key points in our coaching sessions, but it’s never too early to start considering them.

What do you need?

A solid retirement plan? A college fund for your kids? A break? Prioritize your needs and discover what needs to be done to fulfill them.

What do you want?

A new house? Your dream car? Financial security? Use your desires as motivation to make a change.

What are you good at?

You've been working your entire adult life. What skills have you picked up in all that time? Take stock of your arsenal of abilities.

Where do you want to be in five years? Ten?

Don't let your future as a business entrepreneur slip through your fingers. By considering your short and long term goals now, you start to build yourself a path to the future you want.

What needs to change in order for you to reach your goals?

Your goals can't just happen on their own. In order to reach them, you'll need effort, focus and maybe some calculated risk. If your goal is to save a good chunk of money for retirement, what needs to change to make that happen?

The four pillars of financial freedom.

Reaching self-sufficiency and financial freedom is the result of meeting your financial goals, which I like to discuss in terms of a useful acronym—ILWE, or Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity. I encourage my clients to think of their goals in relation to these categories. It helps make goal-setting easier, and it can help clarify the best route to bring you from where you are now to your ideal financial future.

  • Income



    An unfair or disproportionate salary is a pain point for many who choose to transition out of their career, so income growth tends to be a popular short-term goal. When your income grows, your bank accounts grow, and you feel less stressed about taking care of obligations like bills, home maintenance, etc.

  • Lifestyle



    If you’re tired of spending more of your life working than doing the things you love with the people you love, your lifestyle might be your top priority. Whether you want to splurge on a Caribbean cruise, finally buy your dream car, or have time to pursue your hobby, Lifestyle is a short-term goal focused on quality of life and work-life balance.

  • Wealth



    Wealth is the long-term goal that follows an increase in income. It’s about maximizing your income by pursuing diverse investments and wealth-building activities. Those focusing on wealth are thinking about building their assets and savings for the more distant future, and ensuring their income continues to grow.

  • Equity



    In many ways, equity is a distribution of your wealth across a variety of assets like land, a house, or a business. Equity represents the value of your assets after all outstanding debts associated with those assets have been paid off. This is a long-term goal that requires making use of your wealth and income to grow equity through debt reduction.

Now you know the destination. Next, discover the ways to get there.

When it comes to a career change, no matter your age, skill set or goals, know that you have options. Once you’ve identified any obstacles that might be in your way, and you know where you stand relative to your goals, you’ll have to choose the path you’ll take to make it all happen. It all depends on what you’re looking for. But keep in mind—you may not know what you’re looking for until you’ve found it.

  • Stay in the job market.

    Maybe Corporate America remains the right place for you, but you’d like to move into another position, another field.

  • Start your own business.

    Launching a business is a higher-potential risk, higher-potential reward kind of opportunity. I can help you figure out where to start.

  • Invest in a franchise business.

    Franchising spans countless industries and allows people to achieve their dreams of business ownership while relying on a proven system.

The answer to “what’s next?”

You are the only person who can decide the outcome of the next chapter of your life. Your ambitions and goals are up to you, as is the path you choose to achieve them. I’m here to get you thinking and to be a helping hand as you navigate the challenge of your career transition.

Of all the people that have worked with a TES Career Ownership Coach, 95% have ended up in an opportunity they never knew existed, or would have prematurely dismissed. Let’s start your discovery process with a free consultation.

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